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Kindle Fire Gains as iPad Loses Holiday Traffic

Every year retailers plan their new product releases well before the new year in hope of catching the big winter sale season that starts in and around mid December and continues for over a month. The Christmas Holidays the shopping and leisure season across America witness jump traffic and billions of dollars pushed into the market with brands vying for eyeballs in crowded shelves of glitzy super markets as well as the internet.

This year Chitika a mobile ad network measured the impressions of tablet and smartphone user to give insight into the market share and the growth before and after this trend setting period. The study recorded by real time measuring of the millions of user impressions on Chitika ad network  on December 1 and December 27 across North America and Canada gave new insights about consumer preference.

Despite buoyant sales at Apple stores during the holiday season there was a noticeable 7.1 percent drop in traffic registered with iPad as per the study. Apple that two years ago ushered the tablet as an product category has long been the undisputed market leader with the iPad tablet accounting for  a mammoth 86 percent of tablet traffic recorded on December 1 . Surprisingly the traffic fell to 78.9  during the high season with Amazon picking up the numbers.

Amazon traditionally performs strongly during the holiday season but this years response was better than before. Holiday time when users usually read books set the Kindle Fire ablaze gaining 3.03 % of traffic nearly doubling its market share. Chitika however said that it was likely for Apple to regain its market share and atleast hold the same to around 80 percent during the coming weeks.

In the smartphone segment Apple did well to gain 1.11 percent of market share closely followed by Samsung Android Galaxy 3S that grew by nearly 1 percent and Google Nexus that nearly grew as much.

Among the losers were Blackberry Playbook which saw a minor drop of 0.2 percent.

The overall market share variation was however not significant compared to the tablet segment were the Kindle Fire managed to pack a punch.

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