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Nokia plots comeback with Windows 8

Two years ago when Steve Elop quit Microsoft to head Nokia, the worlds largest mobile phone maker junked its Symbian OS to adopt Windows. Microsoft then had no good Windows smartphone software to counter Google’s Android or Apples iOS . While Nokia has been steadily losing share in the Global market to its competitors Microsoft struggled to set up an equally powerful OS that could power it’s smartphones. The last two years have been extremely troublesome for the two tech giants where Microsoft started loosing traction even in its Windows fed desktop market against the tablet onslaught led by Apple while Nokia the world’s leading mobile phone maker lost market share each month in the smartphone segment dominated by Apple and Android. With the launch of Windows 8 it seems that the day of revival for the two tech giants have arrived.

Last month Microsoft that has been extremely slow to gain ground in the high tech smartphone and tablet markets introduced the Windows 8 OS which scored over its arch rival Apple. Unlike the Apple iOS the Windows 8 promises to provide an unified environment with one operating system across platforms. Microsoft ‘s tiled approach to the operating system enables it to offer a single software that works for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones unlike competitors. This makes it easier for users with multiple devices who would have to pay a small add on licensing fee for usage without having to spend on a new operating system.

Close to the launch of the Windows 8 software and tablet called Surface, Microsoft scored a third hit when China Mobile the largest mobile network of the world agreed to carry Nokia Lumia 920 T smartphone. The news caused nervousness in Apple shares that fell by another 6.4 % to $536 the biggest drop since 2008 crash, largely because Apple that was perceived miles ahead of competition could be soon facing a formidable Microsoft armed with its Windows 8 to power a wide range of devices across platforms from the desktop to smartphones. The Apple share had been continuously declining from a high of $700 in September after launch of the iPhone 5 considered a let down by market analysts as compared to the Android powered Samsung the world’s largest selling smartphone.

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