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How to Get Blog Comments Approved

In some circles it is believed that blog commenting no longer has any SEO value and therefore isn’t as important today. While it’s true that many blog comment links are “no follow”, meaning that the search engine spider doesn’t consider it for ranking purposes directly, there is still value in blog commenting. Attaining “no follow” links helps your link portfolio appear natural, which is something that the search engines pay attention to. Blog commenting also has benefits that go beyond link building. Commenting on industry blogs is a way to get noticed in the industry and share/promote your knowledge. Blog comments can generate traffic to a website or blog. Of course, spending time doing blog commenting is only worth it if the comments actually go through and are posted on the blog. Because blog comments are a prime target for spammers, most blog owners moderate comments and only allow a select few to get published.

It’s important to follow these tips to improve the chances that a comment will be approved:

Use your real name
If you are using a keyword in the “name” field like “Chicago family law” it’s obvious that you are only blog commenting for SEO purposes and to try and get a link. The majority of these comments won’t go through. Some businesses choose to use the business name but it’s still not ideal and just looks like you are trying to advertise. The best bet is always to use the name of an actual person, preferably someone that holds a prominent position within the business like the owner or the CEO.

Say something meaningful
If you are going to comment on a blog, the first step is to actually read the post. You don’t want to leave a comment that is off the mark because you were lazy and only read the first and last paragraphs. Ideally, a blog comment should be at least a few sentences long showing that you put some thought into it. If you just post something like “helpful insights” or “thanks for sharing” it doesn’t add to the conversation. In fact, it probably means that you didn’t even read the post.

Don’t promote
Share your knowledge on a topic in the blog commenting field and add to the conversation. Avoid promotional speak about your company or the services/products that you offer. Never include a link in the blog comment field.

Proof read
If a blog comment is filled with spelling or grammar errors it tips the blog owner off to the fact that the blog comment is probably only part of an outsourced link building campaign and isn’t genuine. Proof each comment before hitting “publish” to avoid looking unprofessional.

While these steps are important, there is no way to guarantee that a blog comment will go through. Some blog owners are very particular about which comments go through. If they view you as competition or a threat they may not accept it. Keep a log of the blogs that let your comments go through so that you aren’t wasting time on blogs that will never accept your comments.

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