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Windows 8 Tries Bold New Approach,sells 40 million in first month

The newly launched Windows 8 released last month has one definite plus point over its epic rival the Apple operating system. While Apple’s desktop and laptops, iPads and iphones have different  operating systems and appearances, Microsoft Windows 8 promises to provide an unified environment. That makes it easier for not only its users but also the thousands of developers who create app for Windows8. Microsoft like Google and Apple takes a 30% cut of all its app’s bought from its stores for only the first $25,000 and a competative  20% for the rest. The newest version of Windows looks very different from previous versions and is designed for both normal and touch screens  and can run on both processors of Intel that dominates desktops as well as Arm the British manufacturer which rules the tablet and smartphone markets.

Microsoft announced yesterday that it has already sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses so far during the first month of sale. According to Microsoft more customers are buying the new software than upgrading Windows 7 just to avail the flexible Microsoft approach across devices. This is surprising because people are usually slow to update and many still use Windows XP released over a decade ago. Tami  Reller  of Microsoft who had previously stated that 84% customers could use the major features effectively in one day also hammered in the point  that “there were more apps in the Windows Store at launch than any other app store at their launch and since then, the number of apps in the Windows Store has doubled” The software has been built both for people who create content like publishers and developers as well as those who consume them. Being able to use MS Office, Word, Excel and Power Point gives a definite advantage to users and both OEM’s and individual users are reportedly hence buying the new version of Windows heavily

Microsoft also introduced a full sized Tablet, the Surface with basic price of $499 along with the Windows 8 and expects it to complement the software and compete with the iconic Apple iPad. The response of Surface is yet to be gauged but Microsoft confirmed that there is no MS Office for the tablet. Though late in the day the launch of Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 gives some hope to users that their favorite Windows Operating System is not giving up without a fight.

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