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Edu Search Moves Away From ‘Wild Google Chase’

Google search or Bing that throws up a million plus options at every keyword are algorithm based generalized search that is useful only when you know what to look for. What if you don’t? The maze of options that Google throws up could easily put you on a wild goose chase….. or a ‘wild Google chase’ This is especially true for people who are looking for focused solutions in any discipline like education, travel, construction, real estate or medical science. As Google or its competitors fail to provide focused solutions when it comes specialized search there is a new breed of search engines from elearning portals that are entering the fray that gives a better quality output than Google’s million plus options.

Apple started this trend of focused search through Apps. Then several Open Education Resource [OER] search engines moved into the space  like OER Dynamic Search Engine, Curriki, OpenCourseWare Finder  and  Learning Objects. Now as per a recent TechCrunch report Princeton Review and 2tor founder John Katzman and Joe Morgan who worked at competitor Kaplan and Colloquy is now bringing education portal Noodle into focused education search.

The Noodle search will be empowered with a dynamic recommendation engine. Noodle currently in Beta mode proposes be an end to end platform for education providers, application developers, service providers and students. It has over 120,000 education service providers spread across a dozen verticals working on the platform on revenue sharing models.

An early entrant and one of the leaders of this segment is the Moodle Open Source software. The Moodle LMS is one of the most widely used with a global footprint that spans 200 nations with nearly 50,000 registered user websites delivering internet driven education to over 30 million students. Also in the area is the high quality Blackboard customized soft ware that is considered one of the best and most expensive options.

They are all spewing out millions of students each year that would all need focused education search at some point of time. The Noodle search concept for creating a focused search engine coupled with a recommendation engine could work well in such a case. Focused education search is also available for Academic & Research by EBSCO publishing and APeJ search, in Aerospace technology by ProQuest. It is matter of time that such specialized search or edapps  takes over this education segment making it easy for students as well as teachers.

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