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Marketing With Google+

In July 2011, Google released Google+, and it’s been growing at a rapid pace every since. While many have been shy to jump on the bandwagon, businesses are finding that this might be the perfect social network.  While Facebook is social, it reflects a more personal image as opposed to business. LinkedIn, known for being a professional social network, doesn’t offer much in the way of business marketing opportunities. Thus, in steps Google+.

Sign Up

With Google+ you can be a part of your customer’s everyday life. Through a variety of tools, your customers can be constantly engaging with your page, your recommendations and updates. Not to mention, very little is required on your end.

  • Place a Google+ badge on your page to get followers clicking through. As the network grows, it’s becoming increasingly more popular to add this to your list of social media buttons.
  • Get recommended when customers +1 your page. Show up in personal results and see an influx of traffic.
  • Get customers to your page quick with the direct connect feature. When they enter the + sign before your business name, they are taken directly to your page.

Fill It In

Google+ offers a succinct way to incorporate all your business information into an easy to read and navigate menu. Avoid the long list of applications on your Facebook page, and get more information than Twitter allows.

  • In the about section you can give the usual mission statement, but fill it out with recommended sites and links to your other sites. This adds value to a simple profile.
  • Push your promotions and new products out with new posts. As the posts get +1’d, you’ll see more views and higher social ranking in the search engine.
  • Allow users to see what you’re reading with your list of +1’s.

Use It

There are numerous capabilities that differentiate this network from Facebook and Twitter. Consider the ways in which you can amplify your marketing plan.

  • Circles: Separate your customers into various groups. From promotion lovers to frequent buyers, you can sort, making your efforts more accurate.
  • Hangout: Connect with your customers on a personal level or reach a large audience. Set up a chance for Q&A or a business related announcement. This is a new level of engagement that can be very powerful.
  • Statistics: Built in statistics features provide a quick and easy way to see who’s circles you’re in, and where you rank in popularity.

Google+ offers a wide range of possibilities that will allow you to further engage with your customer. Be a part of their everyday lives as they search for what they want and find you in their pursuits. If you interact, you can count on your customers to do the same.

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