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Facebook Timeline Adds Pins and more..

Facebook Timeline for individuals as well as organizations looks great. It is imaginative aggregation of matter on Facebook servers whose potential was not fully exploited before. You have to give them the credit for the colorful amalgamation of all the visuals of your Facebook pages in a chronological order since you joined Facebook. The redesign the first after the introduction of profiles and groups, gives Facebook a more integrated and cohesive look, besides taking a leaf out of the Pinterest  format of pinning and highlighting  posts.

Also once you have accepted Facebook Timeline, which most people would, you have already agreed to their storing and displaying your past activities in FB. That throws out a lot of potential lawsuits and regulatory headaches regarding privacy out of the window including the current ones pending at Ireland.

Facebook last week unveiled ‘Timeline’ for organizations which permitted the redesigning of pages and feature moderation capability to commercial establishments that would want to maintain an effective presence on the social network, through the Facebook platform. The layout provides for a cover photo and has picture stories organized in a seriatim as per the chronological order like in the individual profiles. The Tab feature has been readjusted and given way to a 815 x315 pixel image that can masquerade as the brand hoarding. There is no feature to set a third-party tab as default. An activity log and direct message feature will help page owners manage their communities, through the admin panel.

The brand new feature is that the Timeline page has the pin a post facility and a friend activity box that makes pages appear more happening and networked for each organization. You can retain the pin post at the top of the page for a fixed duration so that it precedes all other content on the page. The pinned post had to come following the meteoric rise of membership at social media newbie Pinterest. The Timeline pin post is highlighted by a small orange flag but brands can pin only one item at a time. The pinned item can simultaneously exist as lead post as well as lower down at its original position in the chronological order. The item gets automatically unpinned after 7 days after which a new post has to be pinned.

The Timeline page can be adjusted and reset and is still an ongoing feature. Several more improvements are on the anvil that will slowly be put in place by Facebook to stay ahead of competition. One can redesign the pages and publish as per your choice, within the format provided. However it is not possible to retain your old Facebook profile page anymore beyond this month. On the 30th March all pages will automatically change to the new format.

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