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Xbox One Gets Web Search By Bing

Microsoft announced a new update to Xbox One, which support Bing web search and full online results. When searching with Xbox Bing, you will see results from Xbox market place, as well as items from the web. And when using Internet Explorer, you can now highlight text on the web page then press the menu button […]

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Microsoft Steps Up Efforts With Bing In China

Microsoft’s Bing search engine has barely any market share in China. Currently, Bing is hovering around 0.6%  of the search market. Google is only about 3% while Baidu still dominates that region with about 66%. Microsoft thinks they can change that and try to tap into more of the market search by investing more resources […]

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Google sues the U.S. Interior Department

Google says the U.S Department of the Interior is favoring Microsoft products in setting criteria for bids to provide a new email system. The suit, filed in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, argues the Department of the Interior request was written to exclude Google’s online services, Google Apps, by stating the system had to only include […]

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Microsoft Accuses Google of Monopoly

In a move that has given many followers of the Microsoft-Google race for technological world domination a good chuckle, Microsoft has complained to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that Google possesses a monopoly of the internet. Ironic, in case you are unaware, because Microsoft controls 92 percent of the world’s computer operating systems.

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Motorola uses Microsoft’s Bing Search and Maps on Android Phones

Motorola Inc. today announced a deal with Microsoft Corp under which it will use Microsoft’s Bing search and maps on Motorola’s new Android based smart phones in China. Motorola has been trying to enter the Chinese cellphone market and relying on Google’s Android operating system. Because of Google’s threat to exit  China, Motorola wanted to […]

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Google Buys DocVerse for $25 Million

Google has agreed to buy DocVerse, a startup that enable real-time sharing and editing of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files. “What impresses us the most about the Google team is that they all share the same philosophy—giving people the tools to work the way they want.” founders Shan and Alex said in a statement. […]

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