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China Blocks DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo, the privacy search engine is no longer accessible in China. The Founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo, Gabriel Weinberg, confirmed that his search engine was blocked by Chinese regulators. He confirmed this yesterday on Twitter. @SirSteven @duckduckgo @jasonqng we did get blocked as far as we know — Gabriel Weinberg (@yegg) September 21, 2014 Weinberg […]

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Microsoft Steps Up Efforts With Bing In China

Microsoft’s Bing search engine has barely any market share in China. Currently, Bing is hovering around 0.6%  of the search market. Google is only about 3% while Baidu still dominates that region with about 66%. Microsoft thinks they can change that and try to tap into more of the market search by investing more resources […]

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Google Rides The Dragon’s Tail

Riding on a dragon’s tail is never easy, as internet giant Google discovered in its roller coaster ride since January. Arch rival Yahoo says the China controversy may perhaps not affect Google’s projected annual turnover of $28 billion very significantly but has caused its share price to plummet by 30% which means a loss of […]

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China threatens to revoke Google’s license

Since Google announcement that they were no longer willing to censor results on; Google has been redirecting users to their Hong Kong search engine, The Chinese government finds this redirect unacceptable and threatened not to renew Google’s Internet Content Provider license which is up for renewal on June 30. Without the ICP license, Google […]

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