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Is Google Moving to the real world?

It’s a pretty safe bet to say that Google owns the internet, when they say jump we say how high, they constantly change the playing field so we in turn need to change our tactics to meet their new demands. They constantly update the algorithms and ranking factors in an effort to constantly offer the […]

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BlackBerry Woes Start Smartphone battles

In the dog eat dog mobile phones market, vultures swoop at every opportunity of a player’s weakness. The high-tech smartphone market saw two major entrants Samsung and Sony Ericson barge their way with exciting new models introduced last fortnight, immediately after the high profile face off between RIM the makers of BlackBerry with regulators worldwide. […]

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Motorola uses Microsoft’s Bing Search and Maps on Android Phones

Motorola Inc. today announced a deal with Microsoft Corp under which it will use Microsoft’s Bing search and maps on Motorola’s new Android based smart phones in China. Motorola has been trying to enter the Chinese cellphone market and relying on Google’s Android operating system. Because of Google’s threat to exit  China, Motorola wanted to […]

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Google’s China phones are on hold

Because of Google’s statement released last week about the cyber attacks that it traced to China and the threat to halt its operations in the country, Google felt it is best to delay the launch of two planned mobile-phones models that use its Android operating system, the Wall Street Journal reported. The two phones are […]

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Is Google Suggest biased?

Google seems to be having some issues displaying what “Islam is”. As The Next Web has reported, typing “Islam is” into Google shows no terms from Google Suggest. However, Google Suggest doesn’t seem to have any problem with other religions. Try typing in Google search “Christianity is” or “Judaism is” and Google Suggest shows variety […]

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