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Spill Launches iOS and Android Apps

Spill is bringing its “empathy” social service to a mobile device near you. Spill is an “empathy engine” where students can anonymously share their problems with others and receive advice. The website is still in beta and released its first mobile iOS and Android application yesterday.  They are also expanding their “empathy” service beyond college […]

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Is Apple Developing a User-Generated “Street View” Feature In Maps?

According to a recent patent that was awarded to Apple last week for a concept that could allow Apple to crowd-source street-level, three-dimensional mapping data by simply using photos taken by users on their iPhones according to Inside Apple. The U.S. Patent No. 8,624,974 B2 was awarded to Apple last Tuesday, entitled “Generating a Three-Dimensional Model Using a […]

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Google Takes Street View Features Into Hotels

Google is expanding its hotel business by taking its street view technology inside hotels in North America. The first noticeable feature is high-resolution photos when searching for hotels. The photos are taken by photographers trained and certified by Google. The photographs are stitched together into 360-degree views using panoramic camera technology. Travelers can see the photos […]

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Pinterest Acquires a Two Man Team Behind Visual Graph

Pinterest is ready to take its image search engine to the next step. Today, they went after two ex-Googlers who created Google’s reverse image search and created their own startup, Visual Graph. Pinterest knows that its users are curating and sharing billions of images everyday. Regular search engines were created to search text based keywords. Pinterest […]

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