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WAP Me, the Web is Going Mobile

Internet visionary and Google evangelist Vint Cerf says cell phones are going to drive future growth of the Internet. As part of a much longer conversation with reporters in Bangalore India, Cerf suggested that mobile devices, primarily cell phones, will push programmers to design for handheld units.

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All About Title Tags

The title tag has been — and probably will always be — one of the most important factors in achieving high search engine rankings.  In fact, fixingjust the title tags of your pages can often generate quick and appreciable differences to your rankings.  And because the words in the title tag arewhat appear in the […]

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Google to Know You

Late last week, Google introduced personalized search results for all Google account holders. Whenever they are logged into a Google service, sites that they find popular are weaved into organic search results. While Google users might not notice effects immediately, over time the contents of their personal Google Search History files and Google Bookmarks will […]

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