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How To Suggest A Site

ISEdb.COM offers the biggest online directory for sites related to the search engine industry. It is a great and very affordable way to promote your website.

Before submitting your site, please read our guidelines.

We do not accept sites that are not related to the search engine industry.

  • Submit only top-level domains in which the predominant language is English.
  • Non-English sites must provide an English translation and can be submitted to the Regional categories only.
  • You may submit to one category only. Please choose the most appropriate category for your site.
  • Submitting your site multiple times per category will not improve your chances of being listed and will result in permanent exclusion from the directory. Sites submitted to wrong or broad categories will not be accepted.
  • Do not submit individual pages of your site (this is spamming). If Individual pages of a domain are submitted the submissions are immediately deleted.
  • The following will not be accepted: Mirror pages, Doorway pages, Sites with dead links and missing images, Sites still under construction, Affiliate sites or sites with only affiliate links or banners, Sites that redirects to another address etc. Directories that are exclusively based on DMOZ directory.

Submissions will not be accepted:

  • If the entry is in all capital letters.
  • If every word is capitalized, in the sites title or description.
  • If there are symbols, in the sites title or description.
  • If there is excessive punctuation marks or keywords in the sites title or description.
  • If anything to boost your sites listing is used.
  • If too many keywords are supplied.

Any of the above will be deleted without review.

Sites that include any type of pornographic materials, hate materials, adult materials (adult material is not necessarily limited to pornography), racial materials, or unlawful practice

ISEdb.COM can not be held responsible for the content of pages listed because web site content changes over time. If you find any offensive pages listed please report the URL and link information and we will remove the offensive listing immediately.

ISEdb.COM does not make any guarantees that any site submitted manually or via automated submissions programs will be received or accepted.

We reserve the right to reject any directory submission for any reason, as well as to remove entries or move them to other categories at any time and we reserve the right to edit your submission’s title and description and keywords.

Refunds: We offer 100% money back guarantee if your submission was not accepted. To qualify for  refund:

  • Your site must be related to the search engine industry, Internet marketing, social media marketing, etc.
  • You must follow the submission guidelines in the submission form.
  • You must request a refund within 48 hours of rejection. An email will be sent out to inform you of the status of your submission.