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Google Working on a New Flight Search Engine

Google is working to change how we search for flight and buy tickets online, said Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary in an interview.  The new flight search comparison engine is supposedly to blow all other flight comparison sites out of the water, according to OLeary. “There are some very exciting developments with Google, where we have been […]

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Flying with a Hummingbird

Most of our readers will be aware of Google’s Hummingbird Update.  On September 26th Google announced this update as something they had done already and as Forbes writer Joshua Steimle discovered, they hadn’t just been running it for a few weeks but rather a few months prior to the announcement.  It’s also worthwhile to note […]

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Yahoo Getting Local With Alike Mobile App Acquisition

Yesterday, the mobile app Alike that helps users discover nearby venues and places to visit based on their interests was acquired by Yahoo. From their blog: We’ve always been passionate about the growing power of intelligent mobile experiences. We believe that distilled information, deeply personalized and made accessible anytime and anywhere, is what makes mobile experiences […]

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Yahoo Reached Agreement to Serve Google Ads

After many failed negotiations between Google and Yahoo, Google finally reached an agreement with Yahoo to serve its Adsense and Google AdMob for mobile on Yahoo’s network. [Here is the official announcement] “we’re excited to announce that we recently signed a global, non-exclusive agreement with Google to display ads on various Yahoo! properties and certain […]

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Google Increases Spam Detection Algorithem In Google+ Pages

Google recently made changes to improve the quality of reviews on local Google+ pages. The idea behind it is to help business and people get ratings that are  real, relevant, and trustworty. These reviews appear in Google+ Local for business and Google Maps. Googler, Dasha made the following recomendations for reviewers and businesses: For reviewers: […]

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