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Vine Goes To a Desktop Near You

The popular 6 seconds video mobile app is now available on your desktop. Users are now able to go to and watch their favorite 6 seconds videos on their large desktop screen and you are no longer constrained to a mobile device. The first thing you will see when you go to their new website […]

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Is Apple Developing a User-Generated “Street View” Feature In Maps?

According to a recent patent that was awarded to Apple last week for a concept that could allow Apple to crowd-source street-level, three-dimensional mapping data by simply using photos taken by users on their iPhones according to Inside Apple. The U.S. Patent No. 8,624,974 B2 was awarded to Apple last Tuesday, entitled “Generating a Three-Dimensional Model Using a […]

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Is Nokia’s New Avatar Underway?

Reincarnation is a way of life for the 150 year old Finnish telecom giant Nokia. Having started on the banks of the river Nokia neighbouring Helsinki  as a modest manufacturer of rubber boots, the company moved into cable manufacturing and subsequently into paper products, electrical generating equipment, industrial capacitors, consumer electronics,  personal computers, household gadgets […]

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