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How to Do SEO for Now and Forever

I see so many alleged SEO tactics that just waste time and money without having any positive affect on the website. In many cases, things done in the name of SEO actually hurt websites more than help them. Which is why I write a whole lot about what not to do in SEO. While it’s easy to say what […]

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Why Links You Place Yourself Aren’t Really Links

Every day I hear from confused people trying to market their websites online who tell me how they’ve “gotten themselves” all sorts of links from all sorts of places, but their sites still can’t be found in Google. They’re dumbfounded that those keyword-rich anchor text links they placed on those Blogspot blogs that they registered […]

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Search Marketing Issues: No Penguin Recovery

Dear Jill, Our site has been affected by Google’s Penguin update. Our website traffic and search queries are down almost 80%. We have reviewed our website and removed all the bad links that might affect our site. For the past 3 months we started getting high-authority links. We updated content for all the pages, and […]

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