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Google Takes Its Street Team to The Tundra

In celebration of the International Polar Bear Day, which happens to be today, people around the world will be able to view these bear in their national habitat. Google took its street view team to Churchill last October 2013 to capture the a 360 degree view of the polar bears in their natural habitat before it disappear.

“The Street View project lets viewers explore the tundra and see the polar bear migration, no matter where they live,” said Krista Wright, executive director of the conservation nonprofit Polar Bears International (PBI).


The Google team mounted their trekker camera on a “tundra buggy” vehicle donated by the ecotourism company Frontiers North Adventures, and set off into Manitoba’s Wildlife Management Areas and Wapusk National Park to snap hundreds of shots of the bears, later stitching the photos together into panoramas.

These are some incredible shots. You can view the project on Google Maps here.

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