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Microsoft Steps Up Efforts With Bing In China


Microsoft’s Bing search engine has barely any market share in China. Currently, Bing is hovering around 0.6%  of the search market. Google is only about 3% while Baidu still dominates that region with about 66%.

Microsoft thinks they can change that and try to tap into more of the market search by investing more resources and putting more power into the Chinese version of Bing.

”We have 1,000 people in the Bing team in China,” said Microsoft vice president Ya-Qin Zhang on Monday. “The vast majority used to work in English and still work in English. But we are putting more people to support the Chinese market.”

Microsoft Chinese developers are currently putting more work into improving Bing’s algorithm to make it more relevant to the Chinese users, said Zhang, who is also chairman of Microsoft’s Asia-Pacific R&D group.

Microsoft hopes the new version of Microsoft Windows 8.1 will make users use Bing more often. When user switch to the new UI interface in 8.1, the OS will search Bing as soon as the user start typing and all their words will appear in Bing.

Bing Search in Windows 8.1

In October, the company opened a new research center in the Chinese city of Suzhou, and the facility has so far recruited 200 engineers, said Yongdong Wang, general manager of Microsoft Search Technology Center Asia.

”We hope in the next year or two, our efforts will earn us more success in the market,” he said.

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