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Companies Are Loosing Faith In Social Media Marketing


According to a recent survey by Next Stage, 21% say they are dissatisfied with the impact of social media marketing in general. And about only 8% say they’re satisfied with the impact they’re having.

Next Stage surveyed about 1700 companies ranging from mom and pop shops to F100 companies:

  • 6 percent of marketers said they’re new to social media.
  • 7.75 percent of social marketers are happy campers
  •  10.5 percent are going to “do something else”
  • 21 percent labeled themselves “dissatisfied with social marketing”
  • 54.75 percent are stepping back and waiting

Over half of the executive interviewed said they are going to step back and see what happen or waiting to be convinced that it will work this time around.

“We learned to ask the negatives,” a Denver based senior social strategist told us. “Tell us what didn’t work, why, and with whom because nobody’s having success after success after success doing social.


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