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Spill Launches iOS and Android Apps

spillSpill is bringing its “empathy” social service to a mobile device near you. Spill is an “empathy engine” where students can anonymously share their problems with others and receive advice. The website is still in beta and released its first mobile iOS and Android application yesterday.  They are also expanding their “empathy” service beyond college students to include high school students and post-grads in the U.S. and Canada.

Spill is bringing empathy online. In a time when our newsfeeds are plastered with selfies and over-glamorized status updates, we think it’s time to get real.

Life isn’t always perfect. It’s not supposed to be. By looking at ourselves and others with #nofilter, we can grow into our most authentic selves.

Also, for the remainder of the month, Spill is accepting nominations for high schools and colleges that could benefit from having local Spill communities on its IndieGoGo campaign page.


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