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9 Ways to Improve Your Business Through Pinterest Social Network

how-to-track-your-website-s-content-on-pinterest-8091af78daPinterest does not have nearly as many viewers or accounts as Facebook or Twitter, nor does it have as much interest in it as YouTube, but it is a legitimate and well established social media network that may be used to further your business. Try out the social media network and see if you can build up a bit of a brand on there, and then try out a few of the tips below.

1) Build up boards to represent your brand 

You can build up your own pin boards that are representative of your own brand. You can pick things to pin that suit your type of brand and speak volumes about your brand. You can even show how your brand is represented in your products such as pinning images of how safe or durable they are.

2) Create a board for each popular item you sell

You can fill a full board with images, media and other pages that show off your products. It can be a small online gallery of your products that people can browse through at their leisure. If you make it visually appealing then people could spend their time doing far worse. Plus, if people are looking to research into your products, then it gives them another avenue to investigate.

3) You could try to build relationships with influencers

There are influencers on all of the social media networks, and it is more common to try and romance them on YouTube or Twitter, but Pinterest has its influencers too. They are able to influence other people to try out your products or at least look at your Pinterest boards.

4) Add pin widgets onto your images

You can have people pin your images to their boards if you like. If you have product friendly images on your website then people may pin them to their boards and give you a little extra exposure.

5) Your Pinterest page may become your Business page

Lots of websites such as Google+ and Facebook have similar advantages. Instead of having a personal page that is dedicated to you, you may have a business page which is dedicated to your business. The same rules apply for building your brand with boards (as mentioned above). Simply make your pins, your boards and your comments all business centric. How you use this influence is up to you, but even raising a little more public awareness about your business cannot hurt.

6) Learn how to use Rich Pins

All you have to do is decide what type of rich pin you are going to go for and add the appropriate Meta tags to your site. Validate your rich pins and you have another feather in your cap for your business.

7) Follow what other businesses are posting and see if you can copy

There is no law against using the tactics that your competitors are using on Pinterest. If they appear to be having a bit of success then copy their ideas and their posts. They may have come up with ways of organizing their boards so that they are visually pleasing or engaging. You can use this to your advantage if you copy them.

You may even follow your competitors and use your content to match or out-do their content. You can run offers that beat theirs so that people learn to check your Pinterest account before buying from your competitors. If you do it frequently enough then people will start writing about what you do in a way that gets you more custom.

8) Engage with your commenters and encourage them to comment more

More comments cannot be a bad thing. It shows Google that your Pinterest account is popular, and it may get more people to engage with your products or your boards. You may start building relationships with customers who may well be influencers on other websites too. You can at least show people that your business or your products are of interest because others are making comments. All you have to do is reply to a few of them now and again to keep people interested.

9) Invite other people to a Group Board

You can collaborate with clients and customers by inviting them to a group board. You can invite people to show that you are interested in them. They can become contributors to your board. If people start to mess around then you can remove them, otherwise you can let people add things and feel as if they are part of the team. If you have made contacts on LinkedIn and you want people to feel like they have a real business connection with you, then inviting them to add to your group board is not a bad idea.

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