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Search Engine Highlight: GoodRX, Search Engine For Prescription Medication

In The United States, prescription medication cost too much. Up to 45% of Americans have trouble paying for the prescriptions they require, and 26% of Americans simply don’t fill prescriptions because they simply can’t afford it. The #1 reason Americans don’t take their medications as prescribed is cost.

Health insurance can cover for most of your cost but as health care cost increase in the U.S., more and more companies are moving into the high deductible health plan which leaves you with paying upward of $5000 until they even consider covering for your medications.

GoodRx provides you with some options to save for your next prescription medication. On their home page, you can start by searching for drug name and by location. Then you will be provided with a list of pharmacies with an approximate cost and a coupon which you can use at most pharmacies. With certain drugs, you can even get coupons from the manufacturer and GoodRx will provide you with that information.


Once you enter the search term for a specific medication, you can then select from one of the listed pharmacies, or narrow your search further to select by dosage, quantity, pharmacy type, or type of medication such as pill or liquid.



Once you find what you are looking for, you can them print a coupon and print it which you can use at the pharmacy.

The search results also has “Saving Tips”. Here is some tips for the popular drug Lipitor:


GoodRx is also available as a movie app for the iPhone and from Google Play or just go to from any mobile phone.


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