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20 Online Tools To Monitor Your Competition

Competitor monitoring-spyingIn today’s hyper-competitive world, no business should remain ignorant to what its competitors are doing. Obtaining essential information on the businesses you compete with allows one to always keep one step ahead of them. It’s easier to determine their strengths and weaknesses and capitalize on this knowledge to conquer your market. 

Monitoring your competition is important for developing turn-key business strategies which will give you a competitive edge. Fortunately, for you, there are quite a few online tools available today. This means you can do competitor espionage from the comfort of your couch and most importantly without breaking the law.

Here’s a sneak peek to some 20 online monitoring tools that you can take full advantage of moving forward


Adbeat is a dynamic tool with an impeccable reputation as one of the most reliable and quick ways to monitor the activities of your competition. You can conveniently use this tool to see all advertisements that particular marketers are running and even split test their ad copy to help you build a solid marketing strategy. The basic package goes for $99 p.m. 30 day free trial is available.

2.Mix Rank

Not many online monitoring tools out there can do what MixRank does. This tool gives you the ability to peep into some advertisements running on Google Adsense. What’s more, the tool allows you to obtain domains your competition is using to serve their ads. Data is available for: text ads, demographics and cover display ads.


AdGooroo is one of the most talked about IM monitoring tool today. The ingenious tool has a brilliant Search Engine Marketing tool that incorporates competitive intelligence, Pay-per click, Search engine optimization and keyword research.

4.Social Ad Ninja

Social Ad Ninja stands out of the pack due to its fine and straight to the point search features. With an expansive database that brings together over 400000 social PPC ads, you can surely bank on this tool to improve your ROI.


Want to find out which keywords are drawing the most traffic in your niche? Worry no more because KeywordSpy got you covered. Besides that, you can easily find out how much your competition is spending on Adwords and discover which advertising copy are working for them.


With SpyFU you’re not only able to monitor your competition’s current activities but also track their trends for up to six years back. This helps you tell how viable some of their tactics are both in the short-run and the long-run. There is a free tool available, though you have to subscribe to enjoy advanced monitoring intelligence.


With Semrush, you can ‘spy’ on your competition’s organic keyword positions, PPC ads and long-tail keyword strategies. Several SEO tools are offered freely alongside this magnificent tool. The best version of this tool goes for $69.96 per month.


iSpionage is the in thing when it comes to monitoring what your competition is up to. The tool allows you to conveniently track Google, Bing and Yahoo adverts. The much-talked about tool also includes a social monitoring tool for Facebook and Twitter.


This tool helps you to keep track of your competitors advertising habits by analyzing organic and paid keywords. Besides that, it keeps you updated on landing page trends. If you’re an affiliate marketer, this is the ultimate tool to go for.

10.The Search Monitor

A nice way to monitor your competitions paid and organic search activities is through this dynamic tool. The Search Monitor also comes in handy when you need to monitor affiliates and trademarks. Subscription fee is $299 pm.

11.Majestic site explorer

Going for a friendly $39.99 per month, Majestic Site explorer is definitely a steal for any upcoming online marketer. Some highlights of this tool are that it provides a detailed link profile for any site and gives you current data with a handy option to check its historical index.


Talk of data updates every 15 minutes, huge index of links, friendly interface and out-of-the box data analysis. These are just a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe this awesome monitoring tool. Three subscription levels are available: Professional – $70, Elite – $179 and Professional – $499.


Alexa is a tested and proven monitoring tool that is often used by the big boys in the IM industry. The tool has been there for a couple of decades now and is quite useful when one wants to find more about web-ranking (globally and locally), traffic sources and traffic volume.

14.Similar Web

This is a highly intelligent tool from SimilarGroup. Although relatively new in the market, the tool has proved to be worth every online marketer’s attention. With Similar Web you’re sure to get information on topics such as: traffic trend, demographics, and web ranking.

15.Social Mention

This is all a marketer needs to find out who if talking about their brand. The tool integrates seamlessly with blogs, images, videos and popular forums across the vast World Wide Web to bring you broad brush analysis.

16.Talk Water

This is a multi-lingual tool that allows you to monitor blogs, news, books and online discussions. There is an option to set up an alert link to receive the latest information from your industry. The tool if available free of charge.


Mention is highly efficient in tracking content published on blogs, media platforms, forums and web pages. It’s available in 42 languages making it highly flexible for anyone to use. The best version of Mention costs $6.99 pm.

18.Google Alerts

With Google Alerts, you don’t have to conduct routine searches. One simply needs to set up an alert to receive the latest information about their competitors to their inbox. Google Alerts is quite similar to TalkWater.


Is Twitter part of your IM strategies? You can use this tool to search tweets from 2006 forward. The tool is available free of charge and helps you look at links, videos, influencers and lots more.

20.Open Social Buzz

Open Social Buzz is highly reliable when it comes to tracking the activities of your competition on Linkeldn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The tool is pretty easy to use as you only need to plug in your competitor’s name to get up to speed with their social prominence.

There you go: the 20 most versatile tools for monitoring your online competition. Find which one suits your needs best and make the most of it.

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