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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Blogging

Inbound marketing tactics that involve creating content that consumers can find when they want to find it are becoming increasingly popular. The majority of people don’t want to be advertised to. Inbound marketing is a way to attract attention in a less direct and intrusive manner online. One of the best ways to share content today is to start a business blog and keep it updated regularly. Unfortunately many businesses ignore blogging in favor of social media thinking that it essentially serves the same purpose. This really isn’t true at all. Social media is an important part of the marketing landscape today, but it shouldn’t replace blogging.

Here are 5 reasons why business blogging is important:

Keeps your website “fresh”
In today’s competitive online world a business website shouldn’t be static. It needs to be a living, breathing entity that is continually updated for usability purposes and to keep the search engine spiders coming back for more. The search engines prefer websites that are continually adding fresh and relevant content because that means that it provides website visitors with lots of information. Adding a blog with a simple blog platform like WordPress makes it easy for anyone to add blog posts. Each blog post that is published creates a new page of the website that can rank in the search engines.

Opportunity to target different keywords

Depending on the niche or industry that you work in there could be hundreds of potential keyword variations that are relevant and have search volume. Of course you can’t target them all on your main website pages without keyword stuffing or adding “filler” pages that serve no purpose other than to target keywords. However, these extra keywords shouldn’t go to waste. Incorporate them into your blog posts naturally. Blog posts are a great place to utilize long tail keywords that typically have less competition.

Become an industry thought leader
People use the Internet to do research and find more information about what interests them. Since a blog is the owned property of your business, you can share as much information as you’d like about whatever you’d like. If you produce enough great content over time consumers will come to trust you and keep you in mind when it comes time to make a purchase.

Fuels social media
Most businesses know that they should be involved in social media in some way or another but aren’t quite sure how they should be using it or what they should be posting. If you have a business blog that is active you will never run out of social media content because you can use social media to share and promote each blog post that goes live. This will help generate traffic back to your site.

Showcase your personality
Consumers want to know about the people behind the company logo. They want to know who they are and whether or not they can be trusted. A business blog allows your staff to show some of their personality and have a dialogue with website visitors in the blog comments section. A connection like this can move the sales process forward.

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